Favorite Links

Check out the links below for some of our favorite websites.
Dave Ramsey  - A financial planning website where “cash is king and debt is dumb.”  Kurt and Andi took the Financial Peace class through church and found it to be a life changing experience.
Eat Wild - learn more about the benefits of grass farming, grass-finished beef and pastured poultry.

Kansas Rural Center (KRC) - Since 1979, the Kansas Rural Center has worked to advance an ecologically sound, diversified food and farming system. KRC helps farmers and ranchers implement alternative practices, enhance their natural resources, improve their livelihoods and support their rural communities. We also help farmers and citizens join together in growing opportunities for local and regional food.
Local Harvest - Use this website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.   
Polyface, Inc.  - “The farm of many faces.” This is Joel Salatin’s website – one of the most notable grass farmers around
The Stockman Grass Farmer - One of Kurt’s favorite resources on all things grass related.

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