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Handmade Soap

In 2012, Andi started making soap on the farm, first in the kitchen and eventually in the shop. Her motivation for making soap was three-fold: an excess of lard from hogs raised on the farm, a daughter with mild eczema who reacted to all kinds of soap, and an interest in chemistry, fostered in high school.

The ingredients in our Savon Saindoux (fancy French words for Lard Soap) are very simple: lard rendered from our hogs, coconut oil, olive oil, a little bit of castor oil, water, lye (sodium hydroxide) and either essential oils or natural fragrance oils.

For those concerned about using lye or lard in a soap - no worries! The lye and the oils chemically react with each other in a process called saponification so that all that is left behind is soap and glycerin.

Through some study and experimentation, we've found that the lard makes a very hard bar that lathers really well.  Several scents are available and can be found in our on-line store.

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