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Kurt's Burgers

At the Dale house, grilling season starts around January 1st and runs until about December 31st. With a narrow grilling window like that, you want to make every opportunity to cook over an open fire count.  One of our favorites, hamburgers, is really pretty simple: 


*Lowry's Seasoned Salt

*Steak Seasoning - I, Kurt, use McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning, if we have it.  However, the cheap stuff works just as good.  Sure, there are recipes in countless books for seasoning but let's be real, who has time to mix 45 ingredients for a few burgers.

*1# Dale Family Farm ground beef
Toss the thawed hamburger into a bowl - Don't thaw in a microwave, if you are making burgers.  It just doesn't make patties right.

Sprinkle a generous amount of Lowry's and Steak Seasoning and mix it in good with a fork or your hands.  When mixed well, make your patties, toss on the grill and enjoy.
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