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Pastured Pork

We see our pastured pork operation as a very worthwhile challenge - pigs aren't always the easiest critters to get along with, although they are truly fascinating and incredibly smart. Our pigs are allowed to remain in an environment where they are able to express their pigness. People often associate a smell with hogs - if you've ever been around a pig farm, you know that smell we're talking about. However, when pigs are rotated to new ground on a regular basis and allowed to forage, the smell is minimal or almost non-existent.

We use a hot wire fence to manage these rotations and the pigs quickly learn to respect our fences. In addition to eliminating conventional pig smells, these rotations have other benefits: the pigs root up unwanted vegetation, keeping weeds in check and by moving frequently, the parasite load is reduced considerably and does not become a significant issue for our hogs.

A little pig trivia:  Know what our pigs' favorite weed is?  Palmer Amaranth.  The common name is . . . wait for it . . . pig weed.

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