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We LOVE to hear about how you're using our products and our day is a thousand times better when we get a thumbs up or a "we love what you're doing" letter in the mail.

We'd love to hear your stories -
"taste-a-monials" (that's Kurt's word). 

1. Take a short video (<30 sec) or a picture showing one of the following:
     *a favorite DFF product

     *how long you've been a DFF customer
     *you cooking a DFF product
    *how you're cooking a DFF product - give us all           some good ideas
     *something else we haven't thought of yet

2. Then share it on our facebook page . If you don't do facebook (Kurt doesn't either), email it to Dale Family Farms and we'll share it.

3. Make sure to add #DFFtasteamonial.

Photo credits: Tiffany Sowa
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Customer Reviews

"You guys do know how to raise beef!!!!"   
                                   Sandy, Coldwater, KS
"We have had 2 of the Dale Family Farms chickens - they are great!"        
Anne, Wilmore, KS
"It did taste great. In fact, I was wondering how you prepared the steaks--according to my daughter, I've never made one that tasted that good (and I would have to agree). Thank you and I'm passing the word along to others, so you may have some more word-of-mouth business."                      
Erica, Wichita, KS
"The [meat] is delicious. I am so glad that I won [it at the auction] :)!!! When I am ready for more, I will certainly keep you in mind. Actually, I've become more aware about the source of my food. I will begin buying locally. . . Thank you for what you do and how you do it! Blessings!"                
Cheryl, Newton, KS
"We had the rib eyes Friday night for Pete's birthday and they were delicious!  Much better than the grass-fed beef we got from another source."  
Kay, Wichita, KS
"Your chicken was the best...and I think the web-site is very professional.  Wishing you great success and blessings in your endeavor."           
Sharon, Wilmore, KS
"Oh my goodness!  Your beef blew my taste buds away!  The rib eye was great, but the ground beef… my goodness I have never had ground beef that tasty!  My in-laws also tried the ground beef and rib eye and are interested in buying your product also. Do you know when you expect to be back in town next?" 
Rosemary, Wichita, KS

"It is refreshing to find a family who is dedicated to providing the highest quality products from a farm- with methods that have been lost in our corporate food producers and the 'cryovac' society we live in.
The quality, taste and healthfulness of traditionally grown beef, poultry and eggs is something that you will count yourself lucky to have been able to consume.  I would highly recommend the Dales products for anyone to enjoy- we certainly do!"  
            Dan, Leawood, KS
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